As with all new experiences his first haircut experience requires preparation.  As a parent/guardian you should prepare yourself and your child.  Prepare as sometimes the experience evokes fears and tears – from adults.  Yep.  And children as well, but if you are ready he is more likely to be as well.

Getting him ready for his first cut:

Each boy is unique, some arrived in this world with flowing manes, and some as clean as a bald eagle.  We advise bringing your little prince in for his first haircut as early as 4 months and as late as 2 years.  His temperament with doing new things is the  key thing to pay attention in gauging his readiness for his first haircut. Remember this is the beginning of a lifelong journey of haircuts.

  • Low visibility – Hair falling in eyes or bothering his neck.
  • Ready for take off – Hair on the sides start looking like wings
  • Rocking a mic – Hair has grown into a big afro
  • Isn’t she cute??! – Once you hear it, you know it’s time to cut his hair.

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