Attitude Adjustment



Many of our loses in life are a result of decisions made with a negative (closed) attitude.  Our attitude can be likened unto a door having the ability to be both open (positive) or closed (negative).

Making attitude adjustments is about engaging in a change process which is deeply challenging.  The idea of change can beneficing but the process challenges us to exchange unproductive habits for productive ones. The payoff we are looking for is a greater quality life, but it takes work.  The process involves sequential change (surrendering old and cultivating new habits) in order to establish a new life style.

The real challenge is that our current lifestyle although it may not be entirely desirable it is however familiar and familiarity breeds contentment with the status quo.  In order to overcome a content (closed attitude) we need to do new things so we may see ourselves from a different perspective.


During my own process I noticed patterns of conflict – internally and externally within my life.   The thing about all conflict is that it reveals two opposing mindsets at play.  For me it is a desire to go to the next level but it was met by my unwillingness leave behind the idea of being right, looking and feeling like I am in charge, and a fear of making a fool of myself in the process.  But that is the price, and both realities cannot coexist in one life.  You see, if I am to go to the next level of being me, I have to make decisions where I risk losing the aspects of me that won’t help me at the next level.  Without doing so life will be unstable and/or inconsistent.

What about you, are you ready to place the old you on the line in hopes of receiving the new relevant version.

An old man said “Erasers are made for those who make mistakes.” A young man replied, “Erasers are made for those willing to correct their mistakes.”  What does your attitude say?


We will change the altitude we live on by changing the quality of our attitude.  The goal is to release things that position you to have a negative (closed) attitude as a negative attitude erodes your self esteem and character.  Living with a low self esteem can be likened to having luxury car with a defective engine. This is because a negative attitude focuses on minor things and lacks the joy released from major things.

Engage in the process of building a great life by making the attitude adjustments you need.  Position your thoughts to realize inherent success and you will enjoy the rewards it provides.



If we change “I can’t”
Into “I can”
Pretty soon
we will say “I did”!


Something to think about:

Many of our challenges in life can be as a result of decisions made with misunderstandings.  My thought is that there may be some things that we are not pursuing or a quality of life that we are not enjoying, relationships we are not building, a lifestyle we are not leading, due to a misunderstanding. Think about it.  If I am right… make the adjustment.

Keys to a Healthy Attitude:

Accept all of you – Embracing every aspect of our lives (imperfections and all) strengthens our self esteem and releases the confidence to improve our lives.

Be honest – Speak the truth to yourself and others.  Try your best to communicate in a honest and healthy manner so that your speech creates positive change.

Focus on positive things – Identify what motivates you (love, helping others, self-preservation, anger, financial gain, etc) to take action.  Then study related information, meditate, pray and you will begin to create a mindset that is able to do what you must when you must.

Strengthen your strengths – Take time to reinforce things that you are good at.  Doing this builds a greater awareness of your ability to be successful in other areas.

Become active – Exercise starves negativity (thoughts & behaviours) and cultivates life producing mindsets and behaviours.  It’s also rewarding in that it makes you look, feel and live better.  Take the step, get active!

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