Man up!

Awakening the Gentlemen Potential within Every Male
At Alleyne’s Grooming Centre we focus on helping males grow into the gentlemen we are created to be.  Man Up is the core of Alleyne’s day to day existence.  We endeavour to help men get into their rightful positions in every aspect of life (mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and physical).

Alleyne’s has designated October 1 to January 15th Man Up Season!  ‘Man up!’ is a well known term used for the universal concept of men pushing themselves to another level. During this time we are challenging every man to tap in to his internal strength to live better and improve the masculine presence in our society. That means that as men we want to be more visible, healthy, productive and proactive.

Our annual Man Up! Campaign takes aim at the mindsets and behaviours that hinder us from living long and strong.  We believe that it is time for us to make choices that show that we understand and embrace the importance of taking care of ourselves as males.  When we stand strong as men, it means that we are mature enough to deal with the issues of life without falling or breaking.  It is time for us to live up to the standard of being men, and to ensure that those who come behind us understand the value of being healthy and balanced in every area of life.
We are Manning Up practically and holistically:


Mental – Address: Confront negative things that limit your life

Emotion – Connect:  Spend more time with important members (people) of your life.

Spiritual – Believe:  Take a step towards pursuing a life goal.

Financial – Give:  Make a financial contribution to a charitable cause.

Physical – Care:  Develop new healthy habits

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