First Impressions


April was a time for change, desirable and undesirable alike. It seemed to require twice the amount of focus, determination and work to accomplish things, but we did regardless of how it felt; and that’s what counts! As I experienced changes in weather, work, fitness, relationships, etc. I made a decision to give my best regardless.

There’s an art to making great first impressions and arson to make a poor one, but both are lasting images.

Which one would you like to create?  Illustrating an accurate impression of you provides a solid frame of reference for others to refer you to.  Think about it like this: you meet a gentleman named Steve; you lean forward to shake his hand only to receive a limp handshake that slides partially out leaving you holding onto limp fingers.  What’s your first impression of Steve?

You may think, “He’s weak”, “He’s insecure”, or “Clearly he didn’t want to shake my hand.” None of which may be true.

aa-03After the death of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, I began pondering my first impression of him after meeting him at Deer Creek on April 6th, 2011.  He was with the Prime Minister Harper doing some campaigning.  He was warm, kind, humorous and very insightful.  Although he didn’t know me personally, he communicated with me in a way as if he did.  He even went as far as to stop by the grooming centre to show some support by purchasing some gift certificates.  My first impression of him was that he was a warm, intelligent, receptive gentleman who extends himself to help others.

aa-04A great first impression is visualized with a healthy attitude about life.  Let’s make the adjustments when and where it’s needed.

-Brenton P. Alleyne
Your Personal Groomer
Alleyne’s Grooming for Gentlemen

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