Man Up 2018

Man Up 2018… The Season to Become your Greatness!

November 1st marked the beginning of our 6th annual Man Up Season! Running from November 1st to February 15th. This year we are expecting major growth in our lives.  Man Up Season is an amazing opportunity to challenge ourselves in various (mindset, relationships, character, resources, presentation) or all levels to grow and manifest a greater version of who we are.

For some the name “Man Up” may sound aggressive or may even feel negative, but it’s a call to assertively grow to a greater level of who we are.  Success in life comes through constant improvement so we are taking time away from routine/mediocre living to pursue great living.

There are five challenges: (1) Mindset, (2) Relationships, (3) Character, (4) Resources, and (5) Presentation).  The first challenge will begin Day 7 (i.e. Nov 7th) and the additional ones will follow every 17 day. We are here as a community for accountability, but ultimately, in life, you are primarily accountable to yourself.

Man Up for you may be to prepare for a new relationship, career, business idea, or to do better in your relationships, career, community, faith, finances, or health.  We all have something that needs our attention. Choose yours and join us for this life-changing journey.

Say “I Enlist!” and stretch yourself to become your greatness!


What’s Involved

  1. Become an ManUp Ambassador – Spread the word, champion the initiative to your network. Eg – Post the manup icon on our facebook or Instagram page, invite a friend to take a step with you.
  2. Explore new things –  Try doing something new every day.  For starters a service at Alleyne’s we are offering (25% off) all aesthetics services, image consultation and shaves and in addition we will be donating 10% of revenue from these services to big brothers Ajax.
  3. Socialize  – Get out and have a great time socializing.  We will be partnering with great initiatives along the way, stay tuned.
  4. Check yourself – Get yourself examined at doctors to ensure you are healthy. Don’t wait until it’s too late- be healthy.
  5. Support a cause – Grow mustache for November or beard for Decembeard and share your journey on our Alleynes Grooming Facebook or Instagram page.
  6. Share the Experience – Purchase a gift certificate for a guy to be serviced during this period.
Mental – Address:

Identify negative beliefs that are restricting your life.

Emotion – Connect:

Invest time connecting with important members (people) of your life.

Spiritual – Believe:

Make decisions that create the life you believe you should lead.

Financial – Give:

Use your resources to impact others – Give money to a charitable cause and or someone in need.

Physical – Care:

Freshen up your style and develop new healthy habits


Men, join the journey by registering today. When you register you will begin receiving the various challenges and support via email.  Register today




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