As a boy I remember being afraid from time to time of various things and hiding behind my parents or a blanket for safety.
It may have been some trouble I started that I couldn’t handle or being spooked from watching thriller or Omen. My cowardly behaviour was an unconscious acknowledgement that I didn’t know how to deal with what may or may not have been coming my way.
The truth is that we tend to avoid things when we are not confident in our ability to address them skillfully. It takes discipline and a conscious will to address our fears head on.


Enjoying life does not mean leading a life of debauchery and indulgence or avoiding the things we fear. On the contrary, it means that the male must set the example that life is not about thoughtless indulgence but a priceless opportunity to learn and to evolve our awareness through experience.


Self – discipline empowers males to control their indulgences. The ability to enjoy life to the full requires an understanding that if we are ever going to manifest our full potential and awareness upon the physical plane, we cannot afford to walk a path of denial.
Full potential is realized as we close in the gaps in our knowledge and our actions. Denying ourselves the right experience lead to gaps. Don’t confuse denial and restraint. The objective for a gentleman is to live impeccably. Without proper differentiation we will live a life of sin – the sin of not developing to our full potential, and thereby not fulfilling our purpose.
Discipline is the act of treating oneself with respect. If we consider The term “respect,” we discover that it means “to look again,” implying the willingness to learn and thereby to uplift oneself. So ask yourself ‘am I willing to learn and uplift myself’? Do I have self-discipline? Do I have self-respect?
Men It is our duty to ensure we don’t deny our appetites but rather utilize self-discipline to gain understanding of the true purpose of the appetite and the most appropriate method, time and situation to satisfy it so we maintain control of its impact on our lives.


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