Men are finally joining the ranks of the pampered and indulging in services specifically designed for today’s gentleman!
Hands & Feet
Our frequently requested hands & feet treatments moisturize, soften, and relax your hardworking limbs.
Distinguished Manicure $32.00 (30 min)
Nail shaping, buffing, cuticle care, dead sea-salt scrub, and hand massage
Pit Stop Manicure $18.00 (15 min)
When on the go (massage not included)
Distinguished Pedicure $38.00 (45 min)
Foot soak, nail cutting, buffing, cuticle care, callous removal, dead sea-salt scrub, leg/foot massage, revitalizing foot spray, and moisture-reducing foot powder
Pit Stop Pedicure $27.00 (30 min)
 Salt scrub and massage not included 
Add Ons
Paraffin – for dry/cracked skin $12.00
Face & Body
Great skin gives you the ability to face the world with confidence. Our customized facial treatments will remove dead skin cells, brighten your complexion, help prevent ingrown hairs, and soothe sensitive skin.
Starter Facial $48.00 (30 min)
Cleansing, exfoliation, massage, skin protection, and recommendations
Maintenance Facial $63.00 (45 min)
Cleansing, exfoliation, warm towels, massage, face mask, and skin protection
Distinguished Facial $83.00 (75 min)
Skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, warm towels, steam, white/blackhead removal, massage (face, chest, neck, and shoulder), face mask, and skin protection
Hydrolifting Facial $110.00 (90 min)
Our distinguished facial with a four action treatment to exfoliate, deeply hydrate, restore, lift, and firm the skin for instant brightening and enhanced skin tone
Back-cial $75.00 (60 min)
Deep cleansing and exfoliating for the unreachable area of the back
Hair removal for a smooth, polished look and feel.
Eyebrows $15.00
Shoulders $30.00
Underarms $30.00
Back $45.00
Arms $35.00
Chest $45.00
Half Stomach $30.00
Full Legs $55.00
1/2 Legs $35.00
Full Body $190.00
A massage is a great way to unwind, relax, and relieve sore muscles. Massages are essential to stimulating blood circulation and improving overall well-being. *Unless otherwise requested, massages are performed by certified aestheticians.
Relaxation Massage $50.00 (30 min)
Deep Tissue $85.00 (60 min)
Hot Stone Massage $95.00 (60 min)
RMT Massage $95.00 (60 min)
Couples Massage $160.00 (60 min)