Alleyne’s Rebranded

Rebranding Top

Coming out of your shell or place of comfort is necessary but can feel very awkward. On January 23rd, 2014 we rebranded our business from “Alleyne’s Grooming for Gentlemen” to “Alleyne’s Gentlemen’s Grooming Centre”. We introduced a new logo, services, products, experiences, Grooming programs, and customer service policy.

It may be surprising but every change can result in some level of awkwardness. For us, I liken our experience of transitioning from a barbershop to a full service grooming centre to a first date with the girl you know is the one, but you just aren’t sure how to act with her as yet.

We made a shift in order to position ourselves to Groom men to achieve greatness in every age, stage, phase and aspect of life. Men need and deserve the best, so we are taking the steps to provide it. With this rebranding we will increase the value we offer you and cultivate a healthy masculine culture that you can be proud to identify with. Our goal is to cultivate the brotherhood and honour of a fraternity, with the class and etiquette of a country club.

Our new icon is symbolic of refined living, free of encumbrances that so easily misrepresent us. It’s an external reflection of the gent within all males. Our motto is Virtus victim ignavis – courage overcomes cowardice. We are here to help you to be courageous, confront facades, remove limitations, and to engage in things that build a more accurate representation of who you really are. Not who you are now or have been, but what you can become. Stop in and experience the new Alleyne’s.

2014 is our year to evolve!

-Brenton P. Alleyne
Your Personal Groomer
Alleyne’s Gentlemen’s Grooming Centre