The Groomer (Proprietor)

Brenton P. Alleyne comes from a line of groomers, which includes his grandfather, Pollard Alleyne, after whom Brenton was named, and his mother Brenda, a polished and professional hairstylist and aesthetician. Brenton grew up watching Brenda style and refine her clients. The biggest impression made upon him, however, was how his mother inspired his father Joseph, who was tall and lanky, to become a more stylish and muscular man. He also saw her refine his once coarse and grizzly hair to a more silky hair texture. As Brenton watched on, a groomer was born.
Barbering was Brenton’s first love; he began honing his skills as a boy in his family’s basement, garage, friends’ homes, school change rooms and pretty much anywhere he could get an opportunity. Brenton opened his first barbering and retail store at 23, and started a strategic marketing firm at the age of 25. It was clear he had an entrepreneurial proclivity. One of his many interests was to consult with business leaders on their image. Through this work, he became passionate about his commitment to hone a man’s style and image through every aspect of self-presentation. His journey taught him that grooming unified many of his life experiences, skills and talents. Brenton loved the opportunity to help men to live their lives to the fullest. The Groomer was born. Brenton Alleyne is Your Personal Groomer.


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