Why Alleyne’s

Awaken the Gentleman within!

At Alleyne’s Grooming Centre our goal is to reintroduce the modern Gentleman, who is a contributor to society and leader in life. A Gentleman is guided by an internal respect that is presented in their conduct both publicly and privately. By cultivating the Gentleman within as we service their external needs, we’ll reveal the internal character of the man through his external style, from conduct to presentation.

Our aim is to change a generation one man at a time. The Gentleman who looks and feels his best tends to have stronger self-confidence and greater ability to navigate through unfamiliar stages, ages, and experiences. With this ability he will go out and achieve goals, fulfill dreams, build families, strengthen communities, and ultimately change the world. It is our belief that men are the cornerstone of society and as we develop healthy male images we ensure a strong and prosperous tomorrow.

We invite every male to invest in himself and become the Gentleman he is destined to be.


We are inspired by the late John Henry Cardinal Newman’s efforts in London England during the early 1800’s to establish the presence of Gentlemen in society. 
Our philosophy is expanded from Cardinal Newman’s original philosophy:

The Gentleman is the standard for all men, possessing both the ability to lead and the humility to follow. He is a man of character and integrity standing as a role model for what it is to be a strong man. 
He journeys through life rediscovering who he is and the next level he must attain. He courageously focuses on living fearlessly and doing what is right, so that he never doubts his motives or feels guilty about his actions.
 Although he is at ease within himself, a Gentleman is always impeccable in his personal grooming. His mind is always focused, his emotions are in check, his hair, nails, and shoes are well kept, his physique and style ready to own his moment.
 Every male was born to become a Gentleman, but every man must choose each day to be one.

Only His Best!

Brenton P. Alleyne

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